Fix This Process: Recorded Document to Mapped Parcel

By Billy Burle, VP Sales and Marketing

When talking about workflow within the parcel mapping environment, most people think of the workflow associated with completing a split or a join. There’s nothing wrong with that, we do the same thing when talking about our product DREAMaps Mapper. Once you’re deep in the editing mode of a parcel or group of parcels, it’s important to have some kind of workflow to complete the task. However, that’s not the workflow I’ll be discussing here. Instead let’s take a step back and look at the mapping workflow as a whole.maze

The mapping workflow doesn’t start with GIS. It typically starts with a document. That document triggers a series of actions that lead to a mapper editing the map. That process, the one that goes from a recorded document to a mapped parcel is riddled with inefficiencies and unnecessary manual processes. As a technology enthusiast, I have to say technology has gotten too good to allow you to continue down this path needlessly.

Let’s look at an example of using available technology to automate this process using DREAMaps Online as the primary integration platform. First off, if the documents are stored in another system and / or another office like the Register of Deeds office, DREAMaps Online can import those into our system on a regular basis. Those documents can be filtered along the way so that only relevant land records documents make it to the system.

 Let’s stop and think about that for a moment. [insert dramatic pause] If you are printing documents and manually reviewing them you can now stop doing that! We have a solution for you. 

Once you get a document into DREAMaps Online, whether imported from another system or scanned in yourself, you can then assign the appropriate task to a role. In this case we are assigning a join to a mapper.

DREAMaps Assign

So far the document has been uploaded, attached to the task, and assigned to a mapper all outside of the mapping environment.  Now enter the mapping environment. The real time integration between DREAMaps Online and the mapping environment allows us to automatically populate a work queue with the list of assigned tasks and the associated documents.

DREAMaps Mapper Bridge

Mappers can now click the document name to automatically zoom to and select the parcel. The download button will view the document associated with the task at hand and the Pickup button is what tells the system which mapper has taken responsibility for the task. Once the task is completed using the editing specific workflow we referenced earlier in this post, the mapper clicks complete and DREAMaps Online is automatically notified to as who completed the task and when it was completed.

Another benefit of automating this process is that by default you have a record (or measurement) of everything.Since the data is being captured and stored you can view it on a variety of dashboards and reports seen below (click images to see full view).

Mapper Dashboard sharpen

Deed log

As Peter Drucker said “What gets measured gets managed”.

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