DREAMaps Online Release Notes

I’ve written on this blog in the past about the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) models for government agencies. You can read about it here -> Bad Puns, Netflix, and What it Means to be a SAAS-y Government. One of the benefits we’re most excited about is that we now have the ability to quickly push new releases with fixes and enhancements to all of our clients at the same time. Every time we push another round of enhancements to the site we publish release notes that get sent to all of the clients. The release notes are just to let our awesome users know what has changed since there is never anything to download or install. New fixes and enhancements are there the next time they log on.

June 15, 2015 Release Notes

 Fixed   – Overlap stats bug
 New     – Ability to add many to one tables to the mini property card
 New     – Timestamps for eMaps and Analyst tabs on the Dashboard
 New     – Top parcel in a selection set is now the default active parcel
 New     Editable stats ranges are now able to start at any number
 Actual Release Notes Here -> 6/15/15 Release Notes Email

March 30, 2015 Release Notes

 New     – Permission based editing of custom searches
 Fixed   – Minor fixes to enhance the Comp Tool layout on iPads
 Actual Release Notes Here -> 3/30/15 Release Notes Email

March 9, 2015 Release Notes

 New     – My Location button
 New     Comp Tool link in Analyst 
 Fixed   – Ad-hoc export formatting fixes
 Actual Release Notes Here -> 3/09/15 Release Notes Email

February 17, 2015 Release Notes

 New     – Full screen layout
 New     Edit ranges feature for shaded stats
 Actual Release Notes Here -> 2/17/15 Release Notes Email

September 24, 2014 Release Notes

 New     – Visual changes to the tool bar and menus
 New     New application role for limited reports
 Actual Release Notes Here -> 9/24/14 Release Notes Email

August 20, 2014 Release Notes

  New   – Email us button added
  Actual Release Notes Here -> 8/20/14 Release Notes Email

July 30, 2014 Release Notes

 Fixed   – Password reset bug
 New     – Improved Info Window 
 New     – Identify button added to toolbar
 New     – Save As feature added to custom searches
 New     One click area measurement added to measurement tool
 Actual Release Notes Here -> 7/30/14 Release Notes Email

July 2, 2014 Release Notes

  New     – Deed book and page added to Worklist tab
  Actual Release Notes Here ->7/2/14 Release Notes Email

June 26, 2014 Release Notes

 Fixed   – Mini Property Card occasionally opened blank
 Fixed   – Acreage values were automatically being rounded up
 New     – Appraisal stats are now included in “what-if” with side by side comparison
 Actual Release Notes Here -> 6/26/14 Release Notes Email

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