DREAMaps Online Webinars

DREAMaps Online – A Better Way to Map and Assess Property

With a dashboard to prove it!

With the rise of web-based technologies, you asked us to create a better way to do more with less – so we did. The new DREAMaps™ Online is the culmination of nearly 25 years of listening, collaborating, and learning to create a better way to map and assess property. It’s not a group of separate products, it’s an all in one web-based solution tailor made just for you.

Imagine all of your real property data (i.e. documents, plats, photos, CAMA data, GIS data) neatly organized in one place, accessible to unlimited users in your office, and chock full of useful tools for managing and monitoring worklfow, performing statistical analysis for appraisals, and isolating problem area and outliers with a click of the mouse.

Join us for a free webinar to see just how useful your data can be when it’s more organized and accessible in DREAMaps Online.

Upcoming webinar dates (2014):

More dates coming soon…


Email sales@sds-inc.com or fill out the form below if you would like to schedule a one on one web demo.



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